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The Center for Hyperpolarized MRI Molecular Imaging

@ Hadassah Medical Center
Enhancing the impact of MRI in clinical diagnoses
Stable isotopes and nuclear magnetic resonance technologies


About Us

We develop new diagnostics and improve existing diagnoses using hyperpolarized molecular imaging agents in MRI. To this end we develop new molecular imaging agents and pre-clinical biological assays for investigating them. We have developed novel agents such as hyperpolarized inorganic phosphate, [13C6,D8]2-deoxyglucose, 13C-labeled and deuterated choline derivatives, and 15N containing compounds such as 15N-sodium nitrate and others. These agents are small, natural, and non-toxic compounds, either without (31P) or with stable-isotope labels (carbon-13, deuterium, nitrogen-15) and without ionizing radiation.

We employ various enzymatic assays and develop novel techniques for researching perfused tissue assays. Perfused tissue assays enable a new investigatory window into tissue physiology and its response to insults using hyperpolarized agents of metabolic potential. Our studies in perfused tissue assays have already shown novel biomarkers in varied areas of diagnostic medicine related to stroke, neural activity, hepatocellular carcinoma, and cardiac viability.

The Center for Hyperpolarized MRI Molecular Imaging is a research laboratory located at Hadassah Medical Center’s Ein-Kerem campus in Jerusalem, Israel. The Center is part of Hadassah’s Imaging Division. The Center is affiliated with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and the Wohl Institute for Translational Medicine.

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MRI Molecular Imaging
MRI Molecular Imaging
MRI Molecular Imaging
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